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The Pet Care Partnership Fund

"Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace." - Albert Schweitzer

Tied-out dogThe PAWS Foundation has established the Pet Care Partnership Fund to assist the care of at-risk* companion animals in rural communities of Central Virginia. This fund will provide financial assistance, resources, and guidance for specifed services and will be available to approved "partnership teams" consisting of a municipal animal control officer, pet care assistance volunteer, and pet owner.

Primary services to be supported include:

  • discounts for spay and neuter services
  • discounts for quality pet food
  • critical parasite preventive care: intestinal worms, heartworms, fleas, ticks
  • housing, containment, and identification
  • humane end-of-life assistance

*At-risk animals refers to those companion animals whose health and well-being is challenged by their living conditions which may include inadequate diet, lack of veterinary care, lack of parasite control, inadequate exercise and socialization, ineffective containment practices and identification,  inadequate shelter, and un-restricted breeding.

Responsible Pet Ownership:
The program emphasizes responsible pet ownership - defined as the practice of keeping an animal in a manner that:

  • is humane and responsive to the health and wellbeing of the animal,
  • that follows the laws established by the society,
  • prevents the animal from being a nuisance or hazard to others including excessive barking, roaming at large onto private or public property and roadways, and carrying diseases
  • that does not unduly burden others with the costs or caring for the animals nor of the offspring of the animals

To learn more about this program and potential for funding assistance,
contact Alice-Leigh at or 434-989-1572.