Virginia Humane Living Center

Celebrating our humanity towards people, animals & environment!


The greatest human quality -

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The Art of Humane Living and Compassionate Citizenship


What is humane living?

Humane living is a practice of choosing to become aware of the impact our choices have on people, animals, and environment and learning to promote peace, respect, and well-being for all life through the choices and actions we live by.

Humane living practices include social and personal awareness and responsibility, critical thinking and problem solving, respect for life, ethical consumerism, and peaceful conflict resolution. The Virginia Humane Living Center offers support for those wanting to learn, share, and advance the practice of living humanely as a means to resolve and heal our challenges.

5 Reasons to become a more conscious compassionate citizen:

  1. We become more successful in aligning our actions and behaviors with our true beliefs – thereby strengthening our integrity and harmony within our world.
  2. We become part of solutions to the challenges around us rather than remaining helpless contributors to the problems.
  3. We connect with a larger community of like-minded individuals who work together and support each other in finding and embracing solutions.
  4. We develop our own personal independence through learning to think critically and to make responsible choices that free us from manipulation by others and passive complicity.
  5. It feels good and it nourishes our souls!